Thinking About Selling Your Property? Here are a few preliminary tips to get your property ready to be listed.



Know your property.

Become familiar with such facts about your property as property taxes, zoning, lot size, square footage, etc. Look at the terms of your existing loan.


Research the current market and property laws in your area. 

How much are properties similar to yours selling for? What are the terms of the sales? What property disclosure laws do you need to take into consideration?


Do a property walk-through

Look at it from the perspective of both the prospective buyer and the inspector. Take notes on all items that need to be repaired or replaced. Things to consider include:

Inside: (Example)

  • Are the interior paints and finishes in good condition (recently updated), or do they need to be freshened up? This is one area with the best ratio of least expensive to most desired. For a minimal investment, you could possibly make or break a sale by having your home look well-kept and inviting.
  • Are the appliances in good working order and of recent vintage?
  • Are the carpets or other floor coverings clean and in good condition? Like the paint, are they attractive and well-kept? Floor coverings are worth paying for so that your home makes a good impression.

Outside: (Example)

  • From the street, is the house appealing? This is called “curb appeal”.
  • Are the windows and doors attractive and in good condition?
  • Are the roof (and the gutters) in good condition?

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