Melissa's Top 5 Reasons Why she is Grateful to work as a South Bay Real Estate Agent

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When Thanksgiving comes to mind, I think about gratitude. So in honor of Thanksgiving just right around the corner, I would like to share my Top 5 Reasons Why I am Grateful to work as a Real Estate Agent, and why I love this industry so much:

  1. What I do makes a difference: I am so grateful to have the opportunity to help people daily with one of the most important investments they may make. Real Estate builds equity and is one of the safest, surest ways to invest and build your wealth portfolio. I am so grateful to get to be part of this process for buyers and investors. With sellers it’s also an honor to help them maximize the return on their investment, and to move on with their next chapter swiftly and happily.  

  2. Appreciation of my local South Bay community : I was born and raised in the South Bay and although I recognized it was an amazing place, I didn’t truly understand it’s value prior to starting my real estate career. The South Bay couldn’t be a better place to reside in- it’s ideal for families (with great schools in the Beach Cities and Torrance), and a quiet respite from the bustle of the rest of Los Angeles. Not to mention, we have picturesque beaches, plentiful restaurants, bountiful shopping and a true sense of community.

  3. Expanding my knowledge of parts of the city: Real Estate takes me to areas of Los Angeles and Orange County that I may otherwise not visit. When working with my sellers and buyers outside of the South Bay (my local area),  I have also gotten to know the cities and neighborhoods of DTLA, Long Beach, and Huntington Beach pretty well. It has made me a more colorful person, resulted in new discoveries and expanding my network with other agents and locals in the area.

  4. I am challenged to think outside of the box: If anyone thinks Real Estate is simply showing houses, please understand it’s much that that! Marketing a home for a seller, or negotiating a good offer for your client takes brainpower, and often times out-of-the-box thinking. I’m grateful for that chance to be creative, and to train my mind to think expansively rather than narrowly.

  5. Collaborative nature of the industry: Many people see Real Estate as a competitive industry, but in fact, it’s one of the most collaborative industries by nature. Agents are working together on both ends of the deal to make it work and to put an agreement together that appeases both sides. In this sense, I’m grateful to be surrounded by agents of top-notch quality and character and to operate from a mindset of collaboration rather than cutting someone else down.

Those are my top reasons why I’m grateful to work in the industry that I do. What are you grateful for today?

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